Mr. U.N. Owen

One of the main characters in And Then There Were None, is Mr. U. N. Owen. Just who is Mr. U N Owen?  Why did or did not the murderer's "confession" seem fitting and appropriate to you?  Why do you believe Mr. U.N. Owen created this plot? Explain your reasoning with support from the novel.  PLEASE PROOF READ YOUR RESPONSES BEFORE POSTING, and remember to respond in complete and grammatically correct sentences.


  1. Mr. U. N. Owen was an alternate persona created by Chief Justice Wargrave. He was also a different person to each visitor to the island. An example of this is that a “Una Nancy Owen” lured Vera Claythorne to the island, and to General Macarthur, he was simply known as “Owen”, a friend of a friend from the war. I thought that the murderer’s confession was fitting and appropriate, and gave a gratifying end to the novel. I believe it a good ending to the novel because it further explained each person’s death, and it also disclosed how he executed all of the murders. I believe Mr. U. N. Owen devised this plot to deliver justice to all of the visitors on the island. In his mind, all of the visitors to the island were all criminals worthy of death, including him.

  2. I have to agree, Molly. To each person on the island, "U. N. Owen" was a different person to everyone, making them even consider going. Though, as the book ended, it did seem to me that it was a different personality of Justice Wargrave. In agreement, it did seem he found each person on the island criminals. Not even excluding himself.